This week we begin the Fourth Book of the Torah, named BAMIDBAR.

The Torah describes the journey of the Jewish People from the foot of My Sinai to the threshold of the Land of Israel. The first section begins as G-d tells Moshe to take a census of the adult Jewish males in the dessert. The purpose of the census is to form the adult males in the army, which will be necessary to fight the non-Jewish occupants of the Land of Israel.

The Levites were exempt from Military service, because they were conscripted to work in the Tabernacle they guarded the Tabernacle, dismantled it whenever the Jewish people broke camp, and reconstructed it whenever they camped and assisted the priests in the Tabernacle rituals.

G-d told Moses, “Bring forth the tribe of Levi and present them before Aaron the priest, that they may serve him,” (3:6)

The Levites were singled out from among the rest of the Jewish people, to act as G-d’s personal servants. Nevertheless, the medieval Jewish Sage Rabbi Moses Maimonides points out, that anyone who wishes to dedicate him or herself to the service of G-d can do so. He or she thereby becomes a “Spiritual Levite” – and even a Spiritual Priest” or even a Spiritual High Priest!” – Regardless of their tribal lineage.

Have a wonderful week, followed by a Spiritual meaningful Shabbat