This week we read the double portions of Chukat & Balak, the sixth and seventh section of the Chumash of Bamidbar.

Amongst the many episodes related in these portions, we learn of the passing of Moses’s sister Miriam. The water that the Jewish people had in the desert was in the merit of Miriam, which disappeared on her passing.

The water was subsequently restored in Moses’ merit.

The congregation had no water, so they assembled against Moses and Aaron.(20:2)

Food nourishes the body, but the body needs water in order to absorb the nutrients in the food. Similarly, the “food“ of the soul is the Torah and the “water” is the Torah’s ability to influence all facets of our personalities, all types of people, and all aspects of life.

When the Jewish people’s existence was threatened in Egypt. Miriam was the one who ensured that there would be a new generation of Jews to carry on G-d’s mission. She both encouraged the Jewish people to continue having children and saved their new-borns from Pharaoh’s decree. On account of her efforts to ensure that the Torah would continue to flow into the next generation, the well existed in her merit.

With her passing, Moses had to assume the role. This teaches us that when the other Jews are in physical or spiritual danger we must come to their aid, even if offering this type of assistance is not our forte. When we help others, G-d in turn will help us with our own needs.

Wishing you a good week and enjoyable meaningful Shabbat to follow.