In the third section of the Book of Deuteronomy, Moses continues his second farewell address to the Jewish people. He implores them to observe even what appears to be minor commandments, which a person might some to figuratively trample with his heel (Eikev – in Hebrew).

Moses says to the Jewish people, “Take care lest you say to yourself, ‘it is my own strength and the might of my hand that have accumulated this wealth for me.” (8:17)

Children often surpass their parents in many ways, even though they inherited their talents and abilities from their parents. The reason that children can manifest capabilities that their parents don’t seem to possess is because these talents laid dormant in the parents and only became active in their children.

Similarly, G-d calls the Jewish people His children. He has indeed left it up to us to bring the world to its completion, granting us a measure of power that He has relinquished. Thus, when we accomplish something that helps bring the world closer to its ultimate fulfilment, we might mistakenly ascribe this accomplishment to our own power.

Therefore, the Torah reminds us that just as children owe their superior powers to their parents, from whom they inherited them, so should we recall that we owe all of our power to accomplish great things in this world exclusively to G-d.

Have a successful week and a peaceful meaningful Shabbat to follow.